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March 31, 2009

Avoid Travel Delays With a Jet Aircraft Charter

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If you have a vacation or even a business trip coming up and you just want to get where you are going and not have to worry about delays, changing planes or having to land at an airport that is farther away from your destination, you might enjoy the comfort of a jet aircraft charter. When you charter your own aircraft, you are the only one or group on the plane. Many businesses use these services, but many other people taking a vacation never gave it a second thought. Now might be the time if you want to make it to your destination when you want to get there.

Plan Your Travel Time

When you use a jet aircraft charter, you can choose when you leave, when you arrive and what airport you would like to arrive at when you land. You can get closer to your destination because many commercial planes can only land where designated while private charters can land at many different airports that are not on the commercial airlines schedule. This means that your travel plans are on your time and not on the airlines time.

Luxury Flights

If you want to travel in luxury, you want a private jet aircraft charter so you and your traveling companions can enjoy a nice relaxing flight moving about without having to sit in one place the entire flight. You can meals prepared for you and drinks whenever you want. You will feel like you are in a luxury hotel suite more than you will feel as if you are in an airplane. The flight will be enjoyable. You will arrive at your destination and meet your specific transportation to take you wherever it is you must go. Traveling could not be any more enjoyable.

When you want to take a vacation or flight in comfort anywhere you go, you should consider jet aircraft charters to get you where you need to go. You can plan a good flight with all the comforts you need, you can have a prepared meal, drinks, and a crew to attend to your every whim. You will have a luxury flight with comfort seating, and can look out any window you want instead of sitting in one place and not being able to move. Besides the comfort of a chartered jet, you can land at many more airports that a commercial flight cannot.


March 23, 2009

Why You Should Book a Charter Jet to Los Angeles

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If you are going to go to Los Angeles, you might as well go in style, right? When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Whether you are  a first-time tourist or a high roller, a charter jet to Los Angeles is the only way to go.

And why not? The charter jet has been the ultimate status symbol of wealth and luxury, which in plentiful in Los Angeles. However, the greatest advantage of a charter jet for many celebrities is privacy. In addition, not having to go through security and deal with autograph hounds in the terminal is a big plus.

Let’s talk about where you can fly into. You can fly into LAX, but then must deal with some other hassles. There is a lot of commercial air traffic going to LAX and the controllers have to try to fit you in, which means you could have some delays. Then you have all the ground traffic and hoopla to deal with.

The greatest benefit of getting a charter jet to Los Angeles is you can avoid the LAX drama by flying in to the less busy, smaller satellite airports. You climb out of the jet, go straight into a car, and go.

Burbank Airport is at Hollywood’s front door with Van Nuys Airport close by. For the Malibu crowd you can go to Santa Monica Airport.  On the south side, John Wayne Orange County airport is close to Newport Beach and Laguna Beach.

Santa Catalina Island makes for a beautiful day trip while in Los Angeles. Do you want to take the two hour boat ride there, or arrive in minutes into Catalina Avalon Airport in a charter jet?

Maybe you go last minute tickets to a Lakers playoff game, or to the Rose Bowl.  Get in and out of LA for the game while you party in your private jet.

Hey the celebrities have been pampered by private jets, now it’s your turn. Go a little crazy and be a celebrity for a day and enjoy more quality time in LA. Now go book that charter jet to Los Angeles!

March 18, 2009

Three Scenarios a Private Jet Rental Could Bring a Positive ROI

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There are occasions when economizing may not bring the returns one would hope. Spending a dollar can actually help one boost the bottom line. In this day and age private jet travel is often considered an extravagance. Indeed, private jets can become unnecessarily expensive in a hurry. But if one was to watch how they acquired a jet (charter is a less expensive option) and how it was used, a net positive return can be found. The following are three possible scenarios one can consider when using a private jet for travel.

Golf Outing
Many business deals are sealed on the golf course. If one does business in the same metropolitan area or even same geographical region as their prospects, it is quite the possibility that the prospects have played the same courses over and over. Though getting out on the links for a weekday may be a welcome respite, how impressive would it be if one could fly them to a top 100 golf course? Augusta anyone? Pebble Beach? Fly in the late morning, play in the afternoon, and be home for a late dinner. Considering that a positive deal could net your company millions, an expenditure on a private jet doesn’t seem that extreme. Consider a day trip, round-trip could cost $10,000 but the net profit to the company is one million dollars, that is only a one percent investment to seal the deal.

Multi-city Sales Calls
Time is money is the old business mantra. A private jet saves a lot of time, therefore saving a lot of money. Consider if a salesperson for the company could meet with three prospects, in three cities in a one-day. Meet with one prospect first thing in the early morning, meet another one over lunch, and the final one in the late afternoon; and then be home for before bedtime. With regular commercial airlines one would be limited to probably one per day meaning four one-way fares, plus hotels, per diems, and car rentals. Also, the wasted time traveling. Adding all these expenses and then measuring a one day private jet rental, the jet could actually be saving the company money.

Crowd Of Executives
Are the key executives needed at a retreat, training, or conference? Flying them all first-class on standard commercial aircraft can be expensive. Again, flying all the executives via private jet can net a savings. This is the most often used example of a positive ROI for using a private jet. Additional savings can be found if arrival at the event can happen earlier or departure sooner because the private jet flies at the renter’s schedule. Unlike commercial flights where one has to accommodate themselves to the airline’s schedule. Potentially saving the expenses of additional room nights and per diems also.

March 11, 2009

Private Jet Considerations

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The are a number of indicators one considers as denoting success. Items like a large home, expensive cars, jewelry, exotic vacations, and private jets. Of that short list only one stands alone as being reserved for those who have reached the pinnacle of success. After all, in an age of McMansions a big home may be just an over extension of one’s credit, expensive vehicles could be a lease, jewelry may be a quality fake, and the world is now open to everyone for travel. The one indicator out of reach unless one has the honest ability to attain it is private jet travel.

The connotations associated with a private jet absolutely broadcast that one has arrived. The world changes for those who travel by private jet- one does not have to arrive two hours early to be screened by security, or if late, have to sprint through the airport before the cabin door closes. With a private jet everything is based around the jet traveler, the plane does not takeoff until they arrive but does takeoff the moment they get seated on board. One may feel free to take shoes off, smoke, have pets seated next to them uncaged, and walk on board with a drink in hand. The locations one may travel to in the continental US go up by a factor of ten, five thousand airports for the private jet traveler as opposed to just five hundred for the commercial air traveler.

With a private jet costing anywhere from five million to forty million dollars, there are some considerations to do pondered before making a call for a private jet.

Size Of Jet

The size of a jet needed is determined by two factors, the number of passengers needing to be hauled and the distance of trips flown. On the small side (light jets) there are aircraft that can hold seven passengers and travel about 1,500 miles. On the heavier side there are large executive jets, which can carry twelve passengers and travel a range of four thousand miles.

Type of Ownership

There are a number of ways one may fly in a private jet.

  • Fractional Card – With this manner of ownership one buys a set number of hours to fly in an aircraft in the fleet.
  • On-demand Charter – A more traditional form of renting a jet along with a staff to fly the aircraft. Good for a single or occasional trip.
  • Charter Card – Operating like a debit card, one opens an account with a set amount of dollars. This account is then deducted from on an hourly rate, in-flight basis.
  • Limited-route Alternatives – Like mini-airlines, luxury aircraft serve popular routes on a schedule and one buy a seat for each trip.
  • Outright Ownership – One buys a multimillion-dollar aircraft and pays all fees, taxes, fuels, maintenance, pilot costs, and hangar expenses.

Ultimately, one must decide if the additional cost of a private jet is for them. Definitely a case can be made for the timesavings and the luxury is a definite perk. However, with the high cost involved, private jets should be examined closely before moving even for a simple single charter flight.

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