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April 22, 2009

The Top Ten Things to Look For Charter Aviation Companies

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Charter aviation companies provide wonderful services that are far and away worlds better than can be gotten from commercial airline companies. The pet friendliness of these services and the freedom to take quite a lot of luggage alone is really quite superb. But how can we be sure to choose the right company for us? We all have our specific needs which should be met, and so we need to be sure that we choose the right company to meet our specific needs. Here are ten questions which should be answered before you decide from which of the charter aviation companies that are available to use;

#1 – How many aircraft do they have in their fleet?

#2 – Do they have light (5-8 passengers), medium (7-9) and heavy (9-15) jets?

#3 – Do they also have business-sized (12-29 passengers) private jets?

#4 – Do they also have turbo prop jets and sea planes if need be?

#5 – How many different models do they have in their fleet?

#6 – Is their network of jets world-wide?

#7 – How are their ground transportation services; what vehicles do they have to offer?

#8 – In-flight services; do they have catering or in-flight spa? How diverse is their food selection?

#9 – Do they have attractive membership programs with added privileges?

#10 – Amount of pet friendliness; can we have our pets ride freely and unconfined on-board with us, and what type of pet food is available?

Keeping these things in mind makes choosing which is best from the many charter aviation companies out there. Once we’re sure that we’ve found the right one that meets all of our needs, we can then move on to enjoying the rest of the trip.


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