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April 27, 2009

Private Plane Rental Rates – 2 Great Tips to Help You Save Money

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Private plane rental rates are not that expensive when you consider what you get for your money. This article will explain the advantages to hiring a private plane and why private plane rates are really not that expensive.

Time Savings – If you are like most people your time is worth money. If you have to fly commercial then most likely you will spend a great deal of time looking for parking and then taking the shuttle to the terminal. You will also spend time in the security line waiting up to a couple of hours. Of course there will be delays and even cancellations due to weather. All of these things lead to wasted time and therefore wasted money. When using a private plane you can park close by because private jest normally take off at smaller airports that are less crowded. You don’t have to wait in long lines for security checks, and rarely are your flights delayed. The simple fact that you could save a few hours flying a private charter versus a commercial airline is worth noting when figuring the true costs of renting a private plane.

Dead Head Flights – If you are smart you will try to save money on private planes by flying as the dead head. What’s dead head flying? Well, when a flight is booked from one city to the next, the charter normally has to fly back to the original airport empty. The owners of the jet would rather put someone on going back at any costs. This is dead heading and can save you hundreds of dollars. When booking a charter flight ask the agent for possible dead head reservations. You might just save a bundle of money.


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