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May 2, 2009

Why Hire a Private Plane – 3 Great Reasons Why Hiring Private Jets is a Good Thing

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Why should you hire a private plane? There are several reasons why this might be in your best interest to hire a jet charter. This article will explain the convenience reasons and the financial reasons.

Reason 1 – Flying in a private plane is fun. Just think about it, no more long security lines. No more delays at the terminals. You don’t have to show up two hours early, but instead can show up a few minutes before take off. You don’t have to worry about traffic around the airport because most of the airports are small and private. The luxury of some planes is much better than business class or first class in a commercial jet. You don’t have to worry about who you sit with and a tremendous amount of people. Need I say more?

Reason 2 – Financial reasons. Yes, you can travel cheaper than some commercial flights. How you may ask? By being a dead head. Many charter flights take passengers from point A to point B, but then are empty going back to point A. These plans would rather put someone in the jet at any cost. If you are flexible with your travel times you can get excellent rates.

Reason 3 – You will save time in the long run and time means money especially if you are a business. If you need to send five people to a meeting then the time savings of not having to sit at the airport, pass thru security lines and deal with delays may save your company time.


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