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May 31, 2009

Charter a Gulfstream – A Must Read

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If you are thinking about chartering a jet then you should charter a Gulfstream. There is a new member in the private jet class of Gulfstream and it is the Gulfstream G650. It is a very beautiful jet and has a very large cabin, which is described by Gulfstream as ultra-long range.

Those who wish to charter a Gulfstream should charter the G650 because it is the best choice for traveling long distances. It can travel at the speed of 0.85 Mach for a distance of 7000 nautical miles or 0.90 Mach for a distance of 5000 nautical miles. This is why it is the fastest as well the farthest flying jet produced by Gulfstream.

Poor weather conditions as well airline congestion is not a problem for G650 and the jet can climb to 51,000 feet, avoiding even the highest storm tops. The business jet can fly at the maximum speed of 0.925 Mach, which makes G650 the one of the fastest of all the civil aircraft which are in existence. Thus those who wish to charter a Gulfstream would be wise in choosing the G650.

Gulfstream is known to produce jets with a high priority towards safety as well luxury. The cabin of G650 is 77 inches tall and 102 inches wide. This makes it the largest of all the business-jet cabins in the industry. This allows for a comfortable seating, lavatories and storage, etc.

So if you wish to charter a Gulfstream, you know that you have to look for the Gulfstream G650 as it can answer to all your flying needs.


May 23, 2009

Charter a Jet to New York-Your Ultimate Guide

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As commercial flying is becoming more of a hassle because of added baggage charges, inconvenient flying schedules, and long lines, many businesses and businessmen are now considering chartering a jet so as to fulfill their flying needs. Those who wish to fly from the West Coast to New York can now easily charter a jet to New York. If you are considering charter a jet to New York, you should consider the following as well.

Determine the flexibility of your schedule

Commercial jets normally take off at specific frequencies every day. As flights are reduced, some schedules might prove to be very inconvenient for business travelers.

Determine your space and comfort needs

Commercial jets cannot offer certain comforts which are offered by private jets. This includes sitting areas, tables for business meetings etc. If you wish to charter a jet to New York you should determine that whether you need the extra comforts or not.

Can you bear the extra costs?

The cost of the services provided by private jets is more than normal commercial flights. It might prove to be economic for those who are traveling with a lot of baggage, cargo or equipment. But those who do not have luggage which is more than usual will thus have to pay more for the extra comfort and luxury. It can however prove to be the most economic way of flying employees who have a lot of cargo and baggage.

You can choose the best way to charter a jet to New York by keeping in mind the above mentioned information.

May 16, 2009

Fractional Jet Ownership – Its Affordable Now to Have Your Own Private Jets

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Fractional Jet Ownership is also known as Fractional Time Sharing or Leasing. The concept of fractional ownership is not just limited to private jets. Legally speaking this kind of ownership is just like a resort condominium sharing. In this concept Individuals or an organization buys or leases any partial interest in one aircraft in just the similar manner in which you acquire a partial interest in some condo unit. Partial owner can use the same or identical aircraft the set number of hours or days yearly just like a condo owner of a resort uses his suit a specified number of days in a year.

Generally in a fractional jet ownership you buy or lease 1/8th interest in a private jet aircraft and you are allowed to have up to a max of 100 hours per year as part of your purchase. Some companies also offer 1/16th interest in the aircraft for the people who travel less in the year or who are on a tight budget. The cost of this partial ownership depends on the kind of aircraft you intend to buy. You are also allowed to purchase ownership hours in blocks. If you want avail more hours than allowed you can also purchase extra hours for your aircraft subject to availability. It is always save to plan your travel well in time and block your aircraft well before. Otherwise some other owner may book the same time slot.

In most of the programs offered by private aircraft companies there is a special facility also available with which you can avail when your aircraft is not available. You will have access to a large pool of aircrafts which are owned or leased by others; you can use any available aircraft from this pool. This concept is also clearly expressed in the agreement. Though individual offers may differ but there is always room for negotiations.

May 9, 2009

Hire a Private Plane

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If you have ever dreamed of hiring a private plan, then you might be surprised how easy and economical it is. Most people think that to hire a private plane you need a tremendous amount of money or a certain number of passengers, this is not true. This article will explain why private jet rentals are an easy and affordable alternative to commercial flying.

There are several companies on the internet that broker flights for private plane owners. These companies will give you a quote for a flight within seconds. Depending on how far you are traveling and how many people you have with will determine if you can get a bargain. Many brokers are trying to fill dead head space. This means that the jet was charted one way and they company that owns the jet wants to fill it with people for the trip back home. They have to go back home anyway so they would rather fill the aircraft with someone at a lower price. If you are flexible with your travel times then you might just get a great deal for you next family or business trip.

One of the convinces of private aircraft rental is that most depart and arrive at smaller airports which means you save time. You don’t have to worry about waiting in line at the ticket counter, or to get past security. You can walk up to most jets and take off within minutes of arrival. If you are a business traveler, this time savings could be worth the extra dollars of a private charter.

May 2, 2009

Why Hire a Private Plane – 3 Great Reasons Why Hiring Private Jets is a Good Thing

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Why should you hire a private plane? There are several reasons why this might be in your best interest to hire a jet charter. This article will explain the convenience reasons and the financial reasons.

Reason 1 – Flying in a private plane is fun. Just think about it, no more long security lines. No more delays at the terminals. You don’t have to show up two hours early, but instead can show up a few minutes before take off. You don’t have to worry about traffic around the airport because most of the airports are small and private. The luxury of some planes is much better than business class or first class in a commercial jet. You don’t have to worry about who you sit with and a tremendous amount of people. Need I say more?

Reason 2 – Financial reasons. Yes, you can travel cheaper than some commercial flights. How you may ask? By being a dead head. Many charter flights take passengers from point A to point B, but then are empty going back to point A. These plans would rather put someone in the jet at any cost. If you are flexible with your travel times you can get excellent rates.

Reason 3 – You will save time in the long run and time means money especially if you are a business. If you need to send five people to a meeting then the time savings of not having to sit at the airport, pass thru security lines and deal with delays may save your company time.

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