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April 27, 2009

Private Plane Rental Rates – 2 Great Tips to Help You Save Money

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Private plane rental rates are not that expensive when you consider what you get for your money. This article will explain the advantages to hiring a private plane and why private plane rates are really not that expensive.

Time Savings – If you are like most people your time is worth money. If you have to fly commercial then most likely you will spend a great deal of time looking for parking and then taking the shuttle to the terminal. You will also spend time in the security line waiting up to a couple of hours. Of course there will be delays and even cancellations due to weather. All of these things lead to wasted time and therefore wasted money. When using a private plane you can park close by because private jest normally take off at smaller airports that are less crowded. You don’t have to wait in long lines for security checks, and rarely are your flights delayed. The simple fact that you could save a few hours flying a private charter versus a commercial airline is worth noting when figuring the true costs of renting a private plane.

Dead Head Flights – If you are smart you will try to save money on private planes by flying as the dead head. What’s dead head flying? Well, when a flight is booked from one city to the next, the charter normally has to fly back to the original airport empty. The owners of the jet would rather put someone on going back at any costs. This is dead heading and can save you hundreds of dollars. When booking a charter flight ask the agent for possible dead head reservations. You might just save a bundle of money.


April 22, 2009

The Top Ten Things to Look For Charter Aviation Companies

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Charter aviation companies provide wonderful services that are far and away worlds better than can be gotten from commercial airline companies. The pet friendliness of these services and the freedom to take quite a lot of luggage alone is really quite superb. But how can we be sure to choose the right company for us? We all have our specific needs which should be met, and so we need to be sure that we choose the right company to meet our specific needs. Here are ten questions which should be answered before you decide from which of the charter aviation companies that are available to use;

#1 – How many aircraft do they have in their fleet?

#2 – Do they have light (5-8 passengers), medium (7-9) and heavy (9-15) jets?

#3 – Do they also have business-sized (12-29 passengers) private jets?

#4 – Do they also have turbo prop jets and sea planes if need be?

#5 – How many different models do they have in their fleet?

#6 – Is their network of jets world-wide?

#7 – How are their ground transportation services; what vehicles do they have to offer?

#8 – In-flight services; do they have catering or in-flight spa? How diverse is their food selection?

#9 – Do they have attractive membership programs with added privileges?

#10 – Amount of pet friendliness; can we have our pets ride freely and unconfined on-board with us, and what type of pet food is available?

Keeping these things in mind makes choosing which is best from the many charter aviation companies out there. Once we’re sure that we’ve found the right one that meets all of our needs, we can then move on to enjoying the rest of the trip.

April 11, 2009

Quick Tips on How to Charter a Key West Seaplane

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It’s time for a vacation and you want to head to Margaritaville.  Key West is a treasured vacation spot.  The problem is how are you going to get there? Several airlines fly into Key West International Airport.  However, since the runway is fairly short, the largest airplanes they dispatch are 19-30 seat turboprops stuffed to the gills with passengers and bags…yuck.  No doubt the best and most convenient way is to charter a Key West seaplane.

Of course a Key West seaplane is going to cost a few more bucks. But hey, you’re on vacation, why not go a little wild?  Also, since the plane waits on you instead of you waiting on it, you spend less time in an airport and more time on the beach.  The investment is well worth.  In addition, a Key West seaplane can take fly you right into your private beach or any other remote area.  You can’t do that on commercial.

The Dry Tortugas are a prime attraction for diving and fishing.  With a seaplane you can beat the crowds before the ferry arrives and have the park all by yourself.  Besides, the boat ride from Key West is miserably long.

So let’s start shopping for the right seaplane.  Most seaplane operators are going to run out of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach.  Doing a search for seaplane charter with the city name should yield several operators.  Give them a call and see what their rates and availability are like.  You can also ask them about their fleet age and safety record.  Some may charge a flat fee per passenger, while others may charge per flight hour.

If they have a website you may be able to look at pictures of the planes and the interiors.  The flights are not that long, but if you are paying good money for a charter seaplane it should be somewhat nice and luxurious.

Some charter companies offer extra services.  Try to find a Key West seaplane charter that includes concierge service that can book tours, adventures, dining, and ground transportation for you.  This relieves the stress of having to plan all the details and most people think it’s well worth it.

These quick and dirty tips should point you in the right direction towards finding a top notch Key West seaplane.  Enjoy getting wasted away in Key West!

April 8, 2009

Enjoy the Comforts of Private Jet Rentals

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Private jet rentals allow you more comforts than what you would have with a commercial flight. You can sit where you want, have a crew that is there for your needs and enjoy conversation with the others in your group without having to whisper to keep others from hearing. You have al the comforts of a luxury suite when you flight on a private charter. All you need to do is book the charter, board, sit back, and enjoy the comfort while you fly to your destination.

Sit Wherever You Want

The private jet rentals are big and spacious. They have fewer seats than a commercial flight and the seating is made for comfort not for commercial flying. The flight is going to be enjoyable and relaxing no matter why you are traveling. The plush seats and the smooth flight can only be relaxing. When you arrive at your destination, you whist away with your luggage to you hotel or wherever it is you will be staying.

Attentive Crew

The crews on private jet rentals are attentive to what you need. They will be there when you need them. You can ask for meals to be served if your flight will be lengthy or they can hand out drinks if you would like a cocktail. They can help you with anything you need. The crew is friendly, and they will always aim to please the guests on their flight.

Enjoy Conversation

Instead of traveling on a commercial flight and trying to hold a conversation with everyone in your group so that no one else can hear, you will be able to talk freely without anyone else hearing. Your group will be the only ones in the room. The crew stays in their quarters and only come when called. The private jet rentals are the best way to travel for leisure and business.

March 31, 2009

Avoid Travel Delays With a Jet Aircraft Charter

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If you have a vacation or even a business trip coming up and you just want to get where you are going and not have to worry about delays, changing planes or having to land at an airport that is farther away from your destination, you might enjoy the comfort of a jet aircraft charter. When you charter your own aircraft, you are the only one or group on the plane. Many businesses use these services, but many other people taking a vacation never gave it a second thought. Now might be the time if you want to make it to your destination when you want to get there.

Plan Your Travel Time

When you use a jet aircraft charter, you can choose when you leave, when you arrive and what airport you would like to arrive at when you land. You can get closer to your destination because many commercial planes can only land where designated while private charters can land at many different airports that are not on the commercial airlines schedule. This means that your travel plans are on your time and not on the airlines time.

Luxury Flights

If you want to travel in luxury, you want a private jet aircraft charter so you and your traveling companions can enjoy a nice relaxing flight moving about without having to sit in one place the entire flight. You can meals prepared for you and drinks whenever you want. You will feel like you are in a luxury hotel suite more than you will feel as if you are in an airplane. The flight will be enjoyable. You will arrive at your destination and meet your specific transportation to take you wherever it is you must go. Traveling could not be any more enjoyable.

When you want to take a vacation or flight in comfort anywhere you go, you should consider jet aircraft charters to get you where you need to go. You can plan a good flight with all the comforts you need, you can have a prepared meal, drinks, and a crew to attend to your every whim. You will have a luxury flight with comfort seating, and can look out any window you want instead of sitting in one place and not being able to move. Besides the comfort of a chartered jet, you can land at many more airports that a commercial flight cannot.

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